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The Retribution Killer

Alyanna comes home and is brutally murdered in her apartment by a sadistic killer.

Ashley Walker, on her first day at work, is forced to find the killer and confront her past.

Is the retribution killer taunting her, or is this all in her mind? Unfortunately, she faces more questions than answers as the bodies pile up.

  • How many killers are there?

  • Will the killer ever be brought to justice?

  • Will she solve the murder that has haunted her for years?

Ultimately, the only question she wants to answer is how many people she will lose to catch this madman.

This crime/horror web novel will take you on a journey of twists and turns to a dramatic conclusion.

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The A-Z of British Serial Killers

The A-Z of UK serial killers started as a strange thought. There couldn't be as many twenty-six serial killers on this small island of the United Kingdom. There were considerably more. Killers I didn't get to talk about, murders such as the Worlds End Killings. When I started to research these killers, it became clear that there was a killer for every letter of the alphabet. So if you are obsessed with true crime, then sit back and let's take a walk through the alphabet and meet twenty-six of the most depraved minds, from Victorian times to the present day. 

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The Many Conspiracies and Theories Related to Jack the Ripper

Much has been studied on the most popular cold case ever, Jack the Ripper. There are limited facts on the case and many of the original documents are missing. They have mysteriously been lost, stolen or destroyed. There is, however, surprisingly a large amount of information known, on a murder that was committed over 100 years ago. With this book, the author looks at some of the stranger conspiracies surrounding the legend and reveals who she thinks Jack the Ripper was. From Royal conspiracies to females who have been scorned, this is a must-read for all true crime fans.

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