Sitemap - 2021 - Murder Mayhem UK

How One Man Convinced his Wife to Murder his Girlfriend

Baby Face Nelson the Notorious FBI Killer Known for his Youthful Looks

The Couple who Murdered her Parents to Steal Their Money

The Depth of the Connection Between Epstein and Prince Andrew

The Horrendous Family Annihilation by Chris Watts

The Murderess Mistress that Could have Destroyed the British Monarchy

The Strange Disappearance of Amazing Crime Writer Agatha Christie

The Man who Killed Hundreds of People and was Never Charged

Sadistic Child Killer or a Victim of a Flawed Investigation

The First American Woman to Face the Death Penalty in the UK was Actually Innocent

The Horrific Serial Killer Who can’t be Found

Strange and Bizarre Missing Person Cases that have Made the Victims Infamous

The Evolution of Crime

The Mysterious Somerton Man

November Magazine

The Media in the UK are Killing Females

The Chessboard Killer who Murdered for Every Square on the Board

The Tragic Death of Chester Bennington

The British Man Executed in 1996 as a Serial Killer

The Dead Body in the Chimney

The Cabin in the Woods Where Three People Were Brutally Murdered

The Mad Axeman and The Kray Twins

The Vicious British Queen who Inspired the Bloody Mary Legend

The Tragic Story of the First Female Serial Killer

What Murder & Mayhem Offers You

Did Rock Band Guitarist Fake his own Death or Commit Suicide

The Many Conspiracies and Theories Related to Jack the Ripper

The Amazing Story of the Goldilocks Thief Found in Bed

The Interesting Case of Dr Sam Sheppard that Sparked an Award-Winning Movie

The World’s End Murders and the Amazing Forensic Team who Never Gave up

The Horrific House Dispute that Ultimately Ended in Tragedy

The Tragic Story of a Boy who was Abused and Became a Monster

The Double Facebook Murder Which was a Result of a Deadly Catfish.

The Vicious Alphabet Killer of New York

How Google Earth Solved a Twenty Year Missing Persons Case

Did Brittany Murphy Die Tragically or was she Poisoned Over Time

The Horrific New York Murder that had People Convinced The Ripper had Moved

The A-Z of British Serial Killers

From Russia with Love, the Horrific Poisoning of an Elderly Man and his Daughter

Was Chris Cornell’s Death a Tragic Suicide or Something more Sinister

The Two Most Incompetent Criminals Ever Known

The Horrific Murders at the Heart of the Candyman Film

The Ancient Tomb Raiders that Destroyed History

Was Princess Diana’s Death a Tragic Accident or Something More Sinister Like Murder

The Royal Love Affair That Created a Serial Killer

Should Caitlyn Jenner have been Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter

Two Horrendous Murders Near Me that Shows How Unsafe Women Are

One Person’s Survival at the Hands of a Domestic Abuser

The Forced Sterilisation of Native American Women in the 70s

Some of the Youngest Killers in History

Did Robert Maxwell Kill Himself, Die by Accident or Was he Murdered

The Revealing Murder that Shockingly Will Never be Solved

The Grindr Killer the Police Ignored Due to the Victim’s Sexuality

5 Famous Murders People Think They Know

The Inhumane Treatment of Britain’s Longest Serving Serial Killer

The Last People to Received the Death Penalty in Britain

The Hikers From The Dyatlov Pass

The Missing Children of Yosemite National Park

The Disappearance of a Millionaire that Resulted in an Unusual Lunch

Einstein — Genius or Thief?

The Ipswich Ripper and Suffolk Strangler

The Pembrokeshire Murders Made Famous by Television

Scientology Leader’s Wife Vanishes From Public

The Family That Murdered and Tortured Together

Mindhunter Brought Edmund Kemper Back Into the Limelight

The Man Who Killed Eight Women and Was Never a Serial Killer

The Revenge of the Tea Boy

Are Serial Killers Born or Made?

Russian Sausage King Murdered by Crossbow

Forgotten Baby Syndrome or Cold-Blooded Murder

Woman Who Murdered her 8 Year Old Autistic Son

The Darkness Contained in The Cecil Hotel

The Innocence of Amanda Knox

The Man Who Tragically Lost his Son

Was Justice Served for PC Andrew Harper?

The Senseless Murder of Elijah McClain

The Psychology of a Serial Killer

The Profumo Affair

America's First Serial Killer Designed a Murder Castle.

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Sodder Children

Lizzie Borden One of the Most Famous Unsolved Mysteries

The Most Prolific Female Serial Killer in UK History

The Chillenden Murders

Jack the Ripper and the Royal Connection

The Twin Daughters who Studied and Murdered Together

Levi Bellfield the Only Serial Killer with Two-Life Orders

The Boy Who Lost his Life for Not Stealing a Rucksack

Teenagers Who Bullied Another to Death

Madeleine McCann and the Epstein Connection

America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer

Dennis Nilsen the Man Who Forgot His Victims

White Privilege Even Extends to Serial Killers