Sitemap - 2023 - Murder Mayhem UK

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Arthur Conan Doyle

Unsolved Mysteries with More Questions than Answers

Captain Tom's Daughter Questioned Over Misappropriation of Funds

Tom Hurndall, Murdered in Gaza by an Israeli Soldier

The Monster of Belgium

The Inequality of the Vietnam Draft

The Massacre of Nanjing

Was Jimmy Savile an Accomplice of the Yorkshire Ripper?

Fyodor Dostoevsky's Criminal Career

Kevin Hines Survived Jumping to Help Others

The Witch Finder General

Carolyn Warmus, The Fatal Attraction Killer

The Career Girl Murders

Charles Dickens and the Staplehurst Train Crash

The Plot to Blow up the Houses of Parliament

Murder Suspect Evaded Capture for 39 Years Using False Identity

Pluto the Unknown Hero of World War II

Cauldron Confusion and Broomstick Blunders

The Catapult That Ended Up in Hollywood

Tsutomu Yamaguchi, Who Survived Two Atomic Bombs

The Start of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

The British Giant Tricked out of His Fortune

The Mother Who Captured a Mexican Drug Cartel

The Unique Miniature Railway Which Was Vital for England in World War II

The Man Who Cursed Three Presidents

Two Crime Stories from the Weekend That Shows How Little We Care About Human Life

The World's Oldest Computer

The Allegations Against Russell Brand Set a Dangerous Precedence

Pizza Hut Saved My Life

The Hartford Circus Fire 1944, Accident or Arson

The Accident That Nearly Ended Stephen King's Career

Unit 731 and the Horrific Experiments Carried out During World War II

The Star of British Television Murdered on Her Doorstep.

The Insanity of Ronald True

The Doomed Holiday That Inspired More than One Classic Novel

D.B. Cooper Disappeared From The Sky

The Fight Over Anne Frank's Diary

The Luckiest or Unluckiest Man Alive

A Tragic Accident Or Not?

Theft at the British Museum

The Theft of the Crown Jewels

Five Curses from the Glitz and Glamour of Hollywood

Who is the Smartest Person on Earth

The Tower of London Zoo

The Horrific Story of the Comfort Women Abused by Japanese Soldiers

The Psychology of Charles Manson

The Writer Who Killed Herself to Get Published

Are Aliens Real?

The Influencer Who Made up a Kidnap Plot to Gain Followers.

The Disappearance of Three Men on Flannan Isle Lighthouse

The Incredible Fighting Genius of August Willich

From True Crime Enthusiast to Murderer

The Teenager Who Joined the Resistance and Fought the Germans

Shackleton and the Endurance a Tale of Survival and Leadership

What Happened to Two Dutch Backpackers Who Disappeared in Panama?

The Infamous Smugglers That Ruled the South of England

Leslie Van Houten Released from Prison

The Complex Friendship of Two Girls That Led to Murder and a New Identity

The Hero Whose Act of Defiance Against the Nazis Had Horrendous Reprisals

Update on Lucy Letby & Nicola Bulley

The Shocking Murder of a Man and the Suspect the Police Initially Dismissed

The Remarkable Story of Ida Lewis, the Unsung Hero of the Lighthouse

The Murderer of Kristin Smart Found After Nearly Thirty Years

The Ratlines That Saved Thousands of Nazis from Prosecution

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The Horrific Terrorist Attack That Brought Down a Plane over Lockerbie

Mother Released Twenty Years After Being Found Guilty of Killing Her Four Children

The True Story Behind Captain Phillips and How He Escaped Pirates

Death by Homemade Plane

Murder of Seven Year Old Solved After 30 Years

The Strange and Bizarre Tale of the Fresno Nightcrawler and a Barking Dog

The Strange Mystery of a Young Girl's Tragic Murder in the Country

Why the Keto Diet Could Result in You Spontaneously Catching on Fire

The Horrific Murder of Millions and Marshall by Metropolitan Police

The Horrific World War 2 Massacre at Oradour-Sur-Glance

The Barefoot Bandit, a Master Criminal Before the Age of Twenty

The Day the Internet Stood Still: The Attacks Orchestrated by MafiaBoy

The Poisoning of Those Close to Mary Britland but Was She Responsible?

The Lessons We Can All Learn from Shocking Social Media Crime Cases

A Horrific Network of Black Widows Who Poisoned for Insurance Money

The Incredible Woman Who Revolutionised Women's Right to Birth Control

The Murdering Doctor Who Kept Being Hired to Kill Again

The Fascinating History of Criminology and How It Has Adapted to Society

The Great Cinematography Mystery: What Happened to Louis Le Prince?

How the Langham Hotel Meeting Led to the Creation of Two Literary Masterpieces

The Mysterious Ghost Ship That Killed Her Crew and Sunk Without a Trace

The Horrific Murder in the Country of Witchcraft, Folklore and a Black Dog

The Angel of Death No One Is Talking About in the United Kingdom

The Inspiration Behind Lewis Carroll's Book Alice in Wonderland

The Horrific Details of the Villisca Axe Murders That Are Still Unsolved

The Fascinating Story of the Boy Who Survived the Nazis by Pretending to Be One

Rebekah Jones and the Case Against her Son

Join me for Crime Chat

One Woman’s Journey of Resilience After a Vicious Attack

The Lake Bodom Murders, a Horrific Mystery of Brutality and Murder

Sarah Boon, the Woman Who Killed Her Boyfriend Zipping Him into a Suitcase

What Happened in Yuba County That Led Five Men to Disappear

Uncovering the Secrets of Ancient Rome's Most Influential Author

The Monster of Russia Who Killed Her Elderly Victims for Alcohol

The Merry Widow of Windy Nook Who Lost Four Husbands

The Hero That Was Ignored in the Kitty Genovese Murder

The Bravery of the First Black Man Killed in the American Revolutionary

The Horrific Cruelty Suffered by Harriet Staunton at the Hand of Her Husband

The Whitechapel Mystery

The Greedy Serial Killer Who Murdered Many Across the World

The Horrific Story of the Groveland Four Denied Justice Until Recently

The Horrific Story of Dr Death who Maimed more than Thirty Patients

The Awful Robber Who Became Famous After Death in the Carnival

The Horrendous Ferry Accident That Killed 193 People in 90 Seconds

The Girl Whose Horrific Cooking Resulted in Her Early Death

James Kelly Who Escaped Broadmoor Only to Ask to Come Back in Years Later

The Frightening Events Found to Inspire The Amityville Horrors

The Courageous Woman Who Gave Everything to Win the Right for Women to Vote

The Doctor That Helped Write the First Dictionary from Broadmoor

The Mysterious Lantern Men Who Lured Sailors to Their Death

The Woman Who Promised Love but Actually Killed

Mother of Two Still Missing, Police Search the River

Five Titanic Disasters Before The Iceberg

The Man Charged with Horrifically Killing His Wife

Actor Alec Baldwin Charged in the Fatal Shooting of Halyna Hutchins

Five True Crime Cases That You May Have Missed

Was Alice Mary Crimmins a Murdering Mother or Victim of Police Harassment

The British Police Force Is in Crisis After Another Policeman Is Convicted

The Creepy Car Chase That Inspired a Horror Film

The Unsolved Murder of a Girl That Was Solved over Fifty Years Later

How Survivor Bias Could Have Killed Thousands During the World Wars

The British Serial Killer Who Targeted Gay Men from One Pub

The Bored Housewife Who Killed Three Times and Escaped a Mexican Prison