Sitemap - 2022 - Murder Mayhem UK

The Extraordinary Story of the Race to Reach the South Pole

How I Survived My Murder

Solved After Forty-Four Years the Satanic Murder of Arlis Perry

Plans to Move My Writing Career Forward in the New Year

Tiffany Valiante, Did She Take Her Own Life or Did Someone Else?

Man Found in a Freezer Leads to a Double Tragedy for a Family

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Female Serial Killer of Ten Older People Released from Prison

Sussex Man Murders Two Women Disposing of Their Bodies at a Kent Building Site

Charles De Gaulle, the Courageous Leader Who Never Stopped Fighting for France

The Man Who Kidnapped a Princess for the British NHS

Arrested and Incarcerated Three Times and Still a Serial Killer

A Unique Serial Killer In British History in Every Sense

The Tragic Story of the Hiker Who Was Found Two Years After Disappearing

The Unsolved Murder of the Major's Wife That Destroyed a Man

The Monster of Florence Who Targeted Couples Alone Making Love in Their Cars

The Institutional Racism That Killed Three Men at Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital

The Unsolved Murders of Four Children by the Oakland County Child Killer

June and Jennifer Gibbons, the Silent Twins Sent to Broadmoor for Arson

Five Must-See Films Based on True Crime Stories

The Man Charged with Selling American Secrets to Russia

The Cleveland Torso Killer, the Man Who Destroyed a Legend

Christine Edmunds, the Beautiful Woman Known as the Chocolate Cream Killer

Death Row Inmate Could Be a Free Man by Christmas

Roy Fontaine, the Man Who Drove Dead People Around the Country

The Strange Mystery of the Little Known Brighton Trunk Murders

Five Vicious Female Murderers That Dispel the Myth Women Kill by Poison

Would It Shock You If I Told You These Five Movies Were True Crime?

The Horrific Thames Boating Accident That Killed over Seven Hundred People

The Most Successful Pirate Known Was Actually a Woman

The Tragic Story of the Girl Who Inspired the Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Woman Who Married Her Twin Sister’s Killer

The Strange Story of the Girl Who Breastfed Her Father in Prison

How a Missing Child from a Murdered Couple Was Found Forty Years Later

The Retribution Killer

The Mass Murder of the List Family in Their New Jersey Mansion

John Straffen, the Man Who Escaped to Murder Whilst in Broadmoor

The Murder on a Train in 1897 That Was Never Solved

The Violent Texarkana Serial Murders That Were Never Solved

The Brides in the Bath Killer

Was Gwen Shamblin Lara a Religious Leader or a Cold-Hearted Trickster

The Confusing Murder of Actor Weldon Atherstone That Was Never Solved

The Stupid Couple Who Provided the Police with a Confession on Capture

Who Killed Georgi Markov with an Umbrella on a Dry Day

Charlie Bronson, the Man Considered Britains Most Violent Prisoner

Five of the Scariest Unsolved Crimes

Frank Abagnale, the Man Who Fooled Us All

The Revenge Murder of Seven Year Old Georgina Moore

William Saunders the Quiet Man That Everybody Forgot Even the Police

The Wimpy Kid Who Killed His Mother and Then Attempted to Kill the Prime Minister

How Wordle Saved a Life

The Prison That Killed Men for Losing a Game of Baseball

Ashton Kutcher and The Hollywood Ripper

Two Overbearing Parents, a Mentally Unstable Daughter and a Jealous Son

The Incompetent Authorities Who Released a Madman to Kill His Victims

Armie Hammer’s Family Legacy of Crime

Peter Sutcliffe Who Killed Thirteen Times Due to Police Incompetence

The Murdering Husband Who Married Women Prone to Accidents

Brian Laundrie Notebook Released

The Tragically Sad Deaths of Bruce Lee and His Son Brandon Lee

Julius Jones - Guilty or Innocent

The Ancient Warlord Who Provided the Inspiration for Dracula

The Unsolved Snapchat Murders

The Headless Torso Murder that Remains Unsolved

The Bizarre Behaviour of Blair Adams That Led to His Murder

The Man Convicted Twice of Killing his Wife

Caught for Murder by your iPhone

The Boy Convicted of His Own Murder

The Murder That Twenty Million People Watched

The Dunblane School Massacre That Changed Gun Law in Britain

How a Brave Homeless Man Helped Capture Serial Killer Anthony Hardy

Richard Speck a Spree Killer or Serial Killer

Israel Keyes the Most Cunningly Clever Serial Killer in American History

Lucy Letby - Killer Nurse or Scapegoat

Crime Google Earth Solved

The Viper Room Famous for Death, Big Breaks, Violence and Last Performances

How Was Elisa Lam Killed at the Strange Cecil Hotel

The Forgotten Serial Killer Who the Media Ignored

Twelve Hilarious Statements Made in Court

The Strange Disappearance of Three Women That Vanished One Night

Death Actually Visited me Eight Days After my Wonderful Marriage

The Strange Truth Behind Werewolves and the Horrific Murders They Commit

The Psychology of the Serial Killer Jerry Brudos

Jerry Brudos, the Lust Killer Who Killed Women for Their High Heels

The Bizarre Mystery of Who Put Bella down the Wych Elm and Why

The Horrific Brutal Madame Delphine and Her House of Horrors

The Savage Football Hooligans Who Killed for the Love of Their Team

The Horrific Death of Cooper Harris Suffocated in a Car by His Father

Belle Gunness the Murdering Victorian Who Strangely Killed After Death

The Horrific Murders That Police Would Not Have Solved Without a Confession

The Most Prolific Sexual Serial Killer in United Kingdom History

The Intensive Search for Bible John and the Many Mistakes Made

The Horrific Real Life Hannibal the Cannibal Who Ate a Girl in His Class

The Vicious Photographer Who Made Beautiful Women His Victim

Amelia Dyer Who Started Baby Farming Murdering the Babies in Her Care

The Young Woman Who Became a Nurse and Murdered Thirteen Children

Britain's Most Prolific Serial Killer Village Doctor by Day Murderer by Night

Ed Gein the Man Who Inspired Many Popular Horror Films

The Famous Man Who Found out His Father Was a Murdering Hitman

Was Spring Heeled Jack Who Terrorised England a Man or Ghost Story

The Horrific Brutal Murder Carried out by the Most Famous Witch Ever

How One Man Changed the Direction of British Law for Years

The Amazing Strength of a Mother to Find her Abducted Little Girl

Is a Female Jack the Ripper Actually Beyond Imagination

The Horrific Canal Murders That Were Linked to a Jealous Boyfriend

The Horrendous Backpack Killings -Was One Man Responsible or Was the Whole Family

The Disappearance of Peter Falconio and the Man Convicted of His Murder

Two Men’s Determination to Solve the Green River Murders

The Horrendous Murder of Two Sisters to Win the Lottery

The Inspiring Story of the Convicted Man Who Became an Actor

Thirty-Seven Witnesses Watched a Horrific Murder and Did Nothing

Does the Hiccup Kid Deserve Life in Prison

How Wrestler Killer Sally Brutally Killed Her Husband

The Killing of God’s Banker and the Suspects Who Wanted Him Dead

The Cleveland Street Scandal the Connected to the Ripper and the Government Cover-Up

The Amazing Friend Who Never Quit Looking for the Killer of Her Girl Friend

The Horrific Sex Worker Murder That the Family Want Solved

The Irish Immigrant Who Took the Life of Her Employer for Money and Love